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Mark your calendar to register for 4MAT Trainer Certification  in Chicago area. The next Trainer Certification is November 9th - 12th, 2015. 

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Next session - September 2015 


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Last year I had no idea what I was doing and I pretty much failed every test and quiz. This year I haven't failed a single test or quiz, so I'm happy we began learning Algebra in this exciting new way.

-Brittney R., 10th Grade Student




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Welcome to a New Way of Thinking About Teaching and Learning

4MAT is a method for helping all learners be successful.  It offers teachers a way to reach all the types of learners. If offers learners insight into their personal approaches to learning.

Learn about 4MAT, a model for teaching that will take any instruction to a higher level.

Discover resources for learners and for understanding what makes learners tick, including the most used Learning Styles Inventory in K-12 education, The Learning Type Measure and the Student Learning Preferences Survey, now available online.

Explore comprehensive curriculum applications of 4MAT: Algebra, Biology, Geometry, Middle School Literature and the Constitution.

Use 4MATION, a revolutionary web-based software tool for creating 4MAT instruction for your learners.

Read the latest insights from Bernice McCarthy, founder of 4MAT and world renowned educational theorist in her Blog.